Home Additions - Make It Great!

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Home Addition
Home Additions are a fantastic way to expand your current home. Whether you need more space on the first floor or are looking to expand upwards, Elite Construction specializes in improving your current home with an elegant addition.

Are you looking to expand your home? Perhaps you need more space for a growing family, or to accommodate a hobby or activity. Home additions are an excellent way to expand your current home without sacrificing the structural integrity or historical details your home may possess.

There are a multitude of ways one can add space to their current home. Room additions typically consist of building out or building up. Often times first floor additions are chosen to accommodate additional living or dining room space, kitchens or bedrooms, which can increase the footprint of your home with little to no disruption. Second story additions are also considered to incorporate additional bedrooms or attic space. Take a look at the types of home additions to decide what is right for you:
First Floor Additions
The most popular type of first-floor addition is a rear addition, which is often used to create a larger master suite, kitchen, and/or living space expansion. A first-floor addition is often the least disruptive, as you are not supporting a new space over the existing structural framing.
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Second Floor Additions
If your property is considered a good fit for a second story addition, you can expand your one story home into a two story home, allowing for additional bedroom or even attic space. It is also possible to add additional living space over a garage, porch, or sun-room. Second story additions allow you to build up, without sacrificing yard space.
Sun Room Additions
Adding a sun-room, or a screen room style porch, is a great addition to any home. Typically attached to the house and accessible from indoors, a sun-room is designed to function as an additional living area in mild climates.

Room Additions
Depending upon the structural integrity of your property, room additions can be built on the ground level, the second floor, or even constructed as a detached addition. Each option has it’s own benefits and drawbacks depending on the size of your existing home and desired features.