Get Your Dream Kitchen with Elite Construction

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In all our years of contracting, Elite Constructions has been designing modern kitchens with cost-saving features in the Charlotte/Monroe area.  The modern kitchen is not only used to cook or prepare food it is now the heart of the home and a great place to entertain as well.

The Elite Construction kitchen design process is fairly simple.  We offer a free design consultation for all new clients to help you understand some of the possibilities based on your needs and budget.
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Since we are a full service contractor, we can estimate the kitchen as we are designing it to make sure we are staying on budget while designing the kitchen of your dreams.  In addition, we offer numerous renewable energy solutions turning your dream kitchen into a green kitchen. Once you have picked out all of the finishes with us and signed our fixed price contract, we will order all of the materials and start construction.

Master Bath

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Does your master bathroom need a makeover? Are you tired of not having a complete master suite? We spend a lot of time in the bathroom, so it’s a great space to invest in your home. Remodeling your bathroom can increase your home’s value, give you more functional space, create a relaxing environment, and give you that master suite you’ve always wanted.
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Call on Elite's team of design and construction experts to make your master bathroom project perfect with innovative design, fresh color palettes and sleek new fixtures made more efficient with the latest technology.